A letter to my followers


I started my new job 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it… well that’s overstating it really…. I will love it once I’ve got it organised properly.

At the moment I’m “firefighting” and everyday I find new issues. I think it will take about 3 months to have everything sorted properly.   In the mean time, I’m physically tired and emotionally drained.

MrH is feeding me and looking after me wonderfully, lots of hugs and encouragement which I need and appreciate… but I won’t really be worrying about posting on here or taking part in Sinful Sunday for a few weeks.

I’ll still be reading as much as I can and commenting when I can, but I would ask that you all please bear with me while I get settled in and stabilise.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank each and everyone of you who follow my blog- I am so humbled and honoured that you have chosen to read my ramblings.

Thank you 😊


9 Replies to “A letter to my followers”

    1. Thank you x I decided it would be better to take the decision that I would not post for a few weeks than keep feeling it was something I hadn’t done…

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