MrH and I don’t really celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. I’ll be honest I don’t think you know what dates are going to be important until afterwards and I don’t keep a diary so I can’t always look back and pinpoint special or specific moments.

For example, I know I first met MrH before my 21st birthday in October. I couldn’t give you an exact date if my life depended on it.

I know the first time he came to my house was a Wednesday but I don’t even know if that was November or December.

We know that we first discussed D/s at a hospital appointment. We had got it into our head that is was July… but this weekend I was going through my calendar and bookings on and realised that we had our 2nd hotel stay on MrH’s birthday in July. At that point we had been D/s for a while.

We went to the local Ibis hotel on Friday 30th June and that was our first hotel stay…. (which was amazing!)

More research and I found an email where we noted that I had a hospital appointment on the 26 June.

Monday 26th June 2017 …..

We’ve been doing this nearly a year…. part of me is amazed by that. It’s still been the best thing ever!

Now I know that 26 June was the day that brought about this amazing new intimacy in our relationship- I really hope MrH will plan some way to mark it (and or me) 😊😊😊

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  1. Dates tend to mean a lot to me and I love it when they line up in ways I could never have imagined. Our dating and wedding anniversaries fall on a 26th as well. We count from April 1 as our D/s day, but we had been talking about it before that, so maybe we can adjust it a little to fall on β€œour” day.

    Happy almost 1 year!

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