Bank Holiday Monday Shorts..

No literally, shorts! I can count on one hand the number of times my legs have been bared in the last 20 years… Its 7am and so warm that both MrH and I are in shorts.

Yesterday we continued cleaning our motorbikes, adjusting the chain and setting up the radios. We had planned to go for a ride out together today but funds do not permit. I’m so glad I’ve got a full time job again as in future we will be able to afford such things.

In the mean time, I’m still buzzing from a wonderful caning last night, followed by our first wax

play (which was nice) and a fantastic satisfying whole body orgasm that left me collapsed and incoherent for a good ten minutes.

A while ago I wrote about nightmares I have (Migraines and Nightmares) and I know these stem from insecurities that I hate. I’ve had a few since this post and I asked MrH is he could help me. He decided to add a few questions/answers to our daily ritual which seem to have helped as I haven’t had a nightmare since. Fingers crossed. I know some of you will wonder what this ritual now looks like so here it is. Every morning and every evening MrH changes my collar from day to night.

MrH will instruct me to kneel or stand. Depending on his preference.

He removes one collar and puts the other on.

He will usually pull my hair to tip my head back so he can kiss my forehead (if I’m knelt) or move my head to one side and sweep my hair away from my neck (if I’m stood) to kiss my neck.

He strokes my shoulders and arms, pulls me against his body and holds me as he asks:

“Who’s are you?” – “I am yours

“Who’s my number one girl?” – “I am

“Who’s the only one who gets my cum?” – “I am

“Who’s the only one that I want?” – “I am

“Good girl”.

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  1. Lovely! Your legs and your post 😉

    Nightmares are a pain. I have annoying, imagination runs away with me, daymares that end with me calling M and admitting I let my brain make me doubt him and us. He gently reassures me and helps reset me.

    I was thinking last night how amazing D/s has been. M is so in tune with me and I have a deeper level of trust that he’ll meet my needs. I feel cared for and so content.

    Thanks for sharing!

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