The week in brief

I’ve left one job and started another this last week. Its been stressful, tiring and difficult at times. MrH has encouraged and supported me throughout the week and I am so grateful.  I’m also a little worried.  My new job is full time.. and it’s a long week (42 hours). My previous full time job was 35.

I’m worried that because I’m going to be tired, MrH won’t want to play during the week. When we don’t play my submissive mental state lifts and I don’t sleep well.  I’m worried that because of the longer hours we will be rushed and won’t snuggle, that we’ll drift back into old vanilla habits.

I don’t want to go back.

I’ve asked MrH to think about having a regular weekly caning session. I’m hoping this will make sure we keep that D/s dynamic and my mind set during the week.

Its been ages since we had a hotel break too and I really really want a damn good play session with no holds barred…

MrH has told me to book one for next weekend…. 😁

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