The kinky side of life.

May 2018

Everything changes

Today we went on a bike ride… and I mean motorbike not push bike…. I don’t pedal 😂  We haven’t been out much together and when we do I usually take the lead. When I first passed my test I went out riding with a group. MrH didn’t like that and

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MrH and I don’t really celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. I’ll be honest I don’t think you know what dates are going to be important until afterwards and I don’t keep a diary so I can’t always look back and pinpoint special or specific moments.  For example, I know I first met

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Hotel stay – debrief

We have started making time to discuss play, not a massive deal no one has to write a report or complete a ‘feedback sheet’ but a snuggle with questions and answers. So, Saturday morning at the hotel, as we lay in bed with our coffee too hot to drink, I snuggled

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Hotel Stay

Mr H and I went away last night for some play time. Yesterday morning I received an email from him with his instructions. I was to prepare myself for all types of play. Pack toys and clothes. Buy some Bluetooth headphones. Mr H said he planned to start the evening

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F4TFriday #46 – Good Points, well made…

As humans, we find it far too easy to concentrate on our imperfections; those bits of us that are too big, too small, stick out too much or, don’t stick out far enough. As a species, we seem to take a perverse kind of pleasure about making ourselves feel bad

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