Morning cuddles

Everyday MrH and I spend 15 mins snuggled before we get up. On a weekend we get longer. This morning I asked if I could take a few pictures… I did get some wonderful close up pics of his morning cock but I don’t have permission to share those … These ones I do… My Sir and Sunday Snuggles.. perfect.

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Sinful Sunday

26 Replies to “Morning cuddles”

  1. There’s nothing better than a weekend lie in, and snuggling with a loved one makes it all the more delicious. Great cuddle photos! It’s always lovely to see couple photos for Sinful Sunday.

  2. Oh my, after more that two decades of marriage and nearly a decade together before that, Paul and I have reached a point in our lives where absolute contentment finds us in such moments as these. I love being wrapped around his warm skin and to smell his scent in these precious times. Your pics capture the beauty so well.


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