Return of the pain

It’s back.

The pain.

I had 3 days.. 3 blissful, wonderful days without pain, and now it’s back.

Yesterday I waited and wiggled and hoped it was just early morning stiffness but no it wasn’t. As the day wore on the pain slowly increased.

Eventually I gave in and accepted it was back. I can’t say I wasn’t hoping that collaredmichael might be right and like the patient he cared for this block would be enough to get rid of the pain.

I have telephoned the pain clinic with my pain diary readings, and the secretary seemed to think that with the successful pain reduction I will be considered a candidate for the nerve ablation. The only question for me right now is when???

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  1. Back pain sucks! I can totally sympathise. I’ve had two root nerve blocks for my fucked up spine. One worked for around four months. The second for a few weeks at best. I hope you get some sort of resolution soon. ❤️

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