Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 4

  1. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you? At the moment I’d have to say the little cheap mini wand. Before that it was our go to vibrator “promises” as it always hit the spot… The wand has taken the lead as it’s just a little easier to handle, I just wish it was a little more robust!
  2. What is one of your hard limits and why? No other play partners. I can’t stand the idea of MrH with someone else or him even wanting to play with someone else!! I don’t want anyone else playing with/touching me either… I’m a one man gal.
  3. Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details please! Soo many things!! A swing has to be high on the list though… There’s one at a local club and I’m hoping that one day MrH will decide we will try it out. I can visualize him using my body quite vividly…. Head thrown back while he uses the swing to face fuck me… And any other hole he chooses …. 😁😁


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