Hanky Panky guy

In 1990 Madonna told the world there was nothing like a good spanky… These days I look at some of her music videos and listen to some songs with new ears and wonder…. Did she/does she inhabit the world of BDSM or did she just shine a light into it?

The words and imagery in the song and video Express Yourself not only encourages you to find the man who “treats you like a queen on a throne”, but “to make him love you til you can’t come down” – all quite Dommesque instructions while she crawls on the floor wearing a collar drinking milk from a bowl – which would be more submissive.

I love this contraction. During these years she released a number of songs with extremely sexual tones. Songs I love to this day, but Express Yourself and Hanky Panky remain two of my all time favourites.

Of course I imagine you’re wondering where this reminiscent post originated….

Tonight our youngest unexpectedly went out. MrH decided to up the anti on our impact play and I have been spanked, delightfully, thoroughly and hard! I have hand prints on my ass, and I think I cried out or at least made a number of loud gasps.

I felt the endorphins flood through me as the breath left me. Felt delicious, delightful and I can’t wait until MrH and I get to do it again. As for me – I guess I definitely got my Hanky Panky Guy!!


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