#30dayorgasmfun – day 2

I ticked off another of MrH challenges today … “1 orgasm in the shower/bath” but I’m discovering something quite unusual….

MrH has never yet put limits or controls on my orgasms or told me I am not to masterbate. In fact he encourages me to do so. Yes I know I’m extremely lucky … Having said that… My body no longer responds to the same stimulation it used to.

Pre D/s I could ‘O’ very easily (taking less than 3 minutes) in the shower (we had a nice showerhead) or with our vibrator (Promises) or indeed with manual finger work… You could say I had it down to a fine art when the mood struck me.

There have been very few occasions when the mood has struck me since July, and I put this down to a few things….

  1. We have sex with far more frequently than before and;
  2. My orgasms have been more satisfying than before.

I do not mean to say that the orgasms before were not enjoyable, they were, I did not think I was missing anything and regularly had more than one orgasm when we did have sex… Just that now, the orgasm takes over my whole body. I’m not distracted during sex by the outside world. I am wholy focused on MrH and my body. It isn’t just the orgasm – the whole play has become part of the experience and instead of it being a purely physical orgasm leaving me feeling physically yummy (cat that got the cream) I feel more like the cat that got her cream and every other cats cream as well. My mind and body feel the release.

Since July I have masterbated … We reviewed a toy for lovehoney and we were very thorough 😉 each vibrator we have purchased has been tested in the same way… First MrH has me use it and then he uses it on me.. unless we both agree it’s enjoyable it usually gets returned (thank you lovehoney for the 30 day satisfaction guarantee).

Of course, in all these cases MrH was aware that I was testing them. The other times have been preceded by some rather hot sexting, and I’ve asked if I can touch myself, and eventually if I can ‘O’.

Now MrH is happy for me to do the challenge… But it seems my body is not.

Yesterday morning I was awake at 2am and horny.. (dreaming about being tied up and caned -hard- then being allowed to suck Sirs cock will do that to you! Or at least it did me) so I thought, hey it’s April, let’s tick off day one and “1 orgasm lied next to your partner”….

All started well… Then like a plane stalling on take off …… Nothing

As regular readers will know MrH took charge after I told him I needed help and day one was completed…

Today I was determined… In the shower I went with promises…

Aannd …. Nothing 😡

Until…. I closed my eyes and indulged in elaborate make-believe (something I’ve never needed to do before)…

I know you want details… Give me a minute!!

So, MrH decided to join me in the shower. He instructed me to bend over so he could inspect his sweetgirl. He parted my cheeks and told me I had done a good job preparing his pussy and ass. He used his fingers to open my ass and apply lube and then pushed his cock deep in me.

At this point I had a nice climax… Not as good or satisfying as MrH can give me, but an O none the less …

So it would appear that unless I involve MrH in some way be it real or imagined my body doesn’t want to allow me to orgasm.

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  1. I have found the same thing sweet but it has been a long time for me. I am not sure how I will get in with the task as so far both days have been with HL. I noticed quite early on that I struggled to climax on my own. All he needs to do is press against me so that I can feel and smell him and that changes. Unlike you I haven’t been meant to orgasm without permission so it isn’t an open thing. He has owned my orgasms for 3.5 years and so mentally there has been a shift for me. Not sure if I can unlock the psychology or not. He gives me permission but it doesn’t feel the same 😬

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