The kinky side of life.

April 2018


I shared a post a few weeks ago about squirting orgasms in “Overcoming Embarrassment” and I thought I needed to write a follow up.  While I spoke in this earlier post about being embarrassed that I had wet the bed. While I have experienced these orgasms through masturbation I haven’t during

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Medial branch nerve block – test procedure

Today I went into hospital for a diagnostic procedure. I’ve have back pain. I’ve had back pain since 2008. I woke up one day in much pain I couldn’t walk. I had sciatic pain. My left leg kept going numb. The doctors just gave me pain meds. After 18 months

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What are you waiting for? An invitation?

I’ve mentioned in other posts that right now I’m incredibly horny. This new level of submission (see take me own me use me) the realisation of this change as well as the reinstatement of the rules has thrown my body into a highly sensitive state. I have to ask if

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Take me, own me, use me.

I’ve been very naughty recently.  The rules MrH set me at the start of the year have lapsed.  I guess some of you will say that MrH is to blame, that he should have been enforcing the rules. But in reality he decided to allow them to lapse.  I was stressed and struggling

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Doin’ it Doggy style

This has always been one of my favourite positions for sex. It feels primal and I love that feeling of impact as MrH thrusts into me.

With the introduction of D/s MrH has taken this to a new delicious level. He’s tied me, arms behind my back and pushed me face down over the bed. He made handles in the rope work to hold as he penetrated me and

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Captains Prize (part 16)

The Captain opened the door and walked onto the main deck. Burt was tied arms wide, from the main mast. A stream of profanity spewed from his mouth. “Enough!” Captain H snapped. “Was he told the rules Smithy?” Smithy stepped forward. “Aye, Captain,” he said. “I told him myself that

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Captains Prize (part 15)

Martha woke up with a start. There was a hand pressed over her mouth. She knew instinctively it wasn’t The Captain and she started to struggle. “Shut it,” a voice growled near her ear, and she felt warm breath on her face. “I’ll cut ya if ya makes noise,” the

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