Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week # 3

This week’s questions!!! Naughty Nora’s Sizzlin’saturday

  1. Where is the most arousing/sensitive area on your body? My neck. MrH only has to breathe, move my hair and catch it with his fingertips, and OMG don’t get me started on what happens when his kisses or rubs his stubble on my neck …..
  2. What is your preferred style for pubic hair and why? I don’t care one way or another but I always think less is best as no-one wants hair in their teeth. Since a few months into D/s I’ve been completely bare. I think MrH prefers it that way but he certainly doesn’t make me.
  3. What is one sexual/sensual act that you feel quite confident doing for your partner? I’m pretty confident that I can please MrH orally. I love worshipping his cock, I love deep throating him, I love when he cums in my mouth. I think when you love doing something you take time to make sure you do it well.

Follow the link to Naughty Nora’s blog to see other people’s responses.. #sizzlin’sunday

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