If I don’t know it’s broke…

MrH is fond of saying “if I don’t know it’s broke I can’t fix it” and this last week my stress level has been off the chart.

My new boss has been asking me to take on a level of responsibility that I’m not comfortable with. I’ve been there 5 weeks now… and last week he decided that he didn’t want me to email or contact him during the day. If I had a problem/question/query I was to include it in a ‘daily update’ email sent at 4pm. So no matter what, I was on my own. If he emailed me during the day, I couldn’t reply. I had to wait until the end of the day.

I tried so hard to follow this rule but it wasn’t easy. It ended up with him being very blunt and essentially telling me unless it would cost the business money or someone was seriously hurt, I couldn’t contact him.

Now I can do bookkeeping, no problem. I can provide payroll functions, no problem. I can “support” a business from an administrative point of view, but I can’t make commercial decisions in an industry I know nothing about.

I became stressed, emotional and started to fall into the event horizon of my personal black hole.

MrH told me that I needed to do something. Either discuss it with my boss or leave, because he didn’t like what it was doing to me.

I decided to face the challenge and on my end of day update I told him something had to change. That I couldn’t do it and I hated that I couldn’t. That I wanted very much to work for him but I couldn’t do it how he wanted me to.

I then left the office.

He rang me as I drove home. I don’t have a hands free kit and I suspected he would ring when he got my email, but this wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have in the car even if I did have a legal means of doing it.

So when I arrived home I phoned him back.

We talked for half an hour or so and he was so kind and understanding. Everything is resolved and I’m still employed. I have the support during the day that I need, in that I can email him when I need.

He said he wished I had spoken up sooner as he doesn’t like that I’ve been stressed and upset.

He’s also agrees to cover the cost of my secure garage parking spot so I can go on the bike and she will be safe and warm and dry.

Following this I feel better and so MrH has shown me how wise he is… Without communication problems grow in size and become unbearable… No matter what the situation if you don’t tell them it’s broken they can’t begin to fix it.

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  1. Communication may not solve every problem in a mutually satisfying way, but problems will be solved. With reasonable people usually both will be pleased. Glad you had this talk and that the outcome was positive for you!

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