Ready to go…

This weekend just gone, despite the cold, MrH accompanied me to the local petrol station and he checked my bikes tyre pressures for me. The gorgeous black Kawasaki er6f shown in the picture is mine. Now before the feminist brigade get all huffy, I’m not incapable of doing this, but it’s easier for him as he doesn’t have my bad back! He also has the adaptor (I did have one but forgot to remove it from its storage place under the seat on my old bike before I part exchanged her for this bike).

Once her tyre pressures were done I filled her up with fuel.

It’s a mile there and a mile back. Really not far… But I got home with a huge grin on my face. I’ve missed riding.

The only down side is …. Rain! I don’t like leaving her outside in the rain. The seat gets wet and it’s uncomfortable! I’m trying to get a parking spot in the secure underground garage at work but in the meantime, today I played about with the bike-kini so it is snug over her seat. Hopefully this will be enough to keep the rain off her.

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