Painful Regrets

So I did something stupid.

I did something different and new. I went shopping. If you read my blog you will remember I went to Liverpool shopping (first mistake) with MrH in heels (biggest mistake).

Yesterday my back hurt.

Today it’s agony.

First time in a while I actually couldn’t make it out the front door. My new boss let me do a few hours work at home… And then I’ve used some holiday time to spend the afternoon in bed resting.

How understanding can a new boss be? He’s just asked me to work longer hours each day.. so I can’t even think about just working 5 hours tomorrow and then coming home to rest again because that would be taking the piss, right? Yeah you’re right that would be taking the piss.

So I guess one way or another I have to get to work tomorrow, pull one out of my ass (so to speak) and get through the day. When really what I want to do is spend another day like today… Resting in bed with my guardian cats.

8 Replies to “Painful Regrets”

    1. I’m up and ready to face the day…. Although I’m hoping he comes into the office and I can do another half day…. I may not feel so bad if he can see that I’m not making it up …. Not ideal tho being such a new job …. On the other hand I should use these holidays before the end of March… 🤔

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