Challenging myself

I’ve recently been talking about how I struggle to tell MrH my desires while looking at him.

I hide my face, feeling embarrassed at the things that turn me on.

So this morning I challenged myself to tell MrH two things that turn me on, while looking at him and while he looked at me.

He didn’t react with anything negative, he didn’t look disgusted which of course is my fear. Instead he said, “sounds interesting” which I take to mean he likes the ideas.. You never know I might even find that he brings those desires into being.

I also decided to post some very revealing images, not something I would normally do, but yesterday I received so many compliments on how good I looked in my dress, and I felt so amazing in my new bra set (having dropped another band size) that I am going to face the music and do it before I change my mind!!!


[Cover image pose inspired by Missy]

14 Replies to “Challenging myself”

      1. Well that bit of bravery shows a confidence even if it’s just a tiny bit that can build as time goes on 🙂 Be brave and rock those pictures! 🙂 You’re very welcome love 🙂 xx

  1. It took courage to post those pics!! And they are fantastic!! You look great!! Lovely figure. Delightful body. And while I did think of Missy with the first pose, it’s missing something… hmmm what could that something be?? lol.
    Seriously, you are a beautiful woman. Celebrate that with your man.

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