Our day in brief…

MrH and I had an interesting day so far…. Got on the train…. Train stopped 3 stops later….. Someone had jumped in front of a train further along 😞

So we shared a taxi the rest of the journey with a lovely American couple from Texas…. We shopped …. We found a lovely bra and panties set… my feet hurt sooo much that I had to go buy a set of pumps (bright white ones that look awful with the dress I was wearing) but I could barely walk so needs must in order to make it to the train station!!!!!! We had to wait 45 mins for the train so I sat in the station with my feet up …..


The train was delayed by 5 mins but once we got in it we had a straight journey back to the car…. Straight to the pub next to the hotel…. Food….. Check in….. And I put the new panties on (I’d been commando all day) MrH played with his toy in her new lingerie…. Now having coffee and cuddles while MrH decides what to do with his toy next…..



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