After Dark – part 3

I went upstairs to get ready for bed, to remove the makeup and brush out my hair. MrH came with me. I had undressed to bra and thong at this point and he stood in the bedroom and pulled down his trousers, taking out his cock.

As fast as I could I grabbed a pillow (it raises me to a better height) and began to kiss Sirs cock, he got his phone out and began to take pictures. I took him into my mouth, my lips still stained from the red lipstick, as far as I could without holding him. He grabbed a handful of my hair and I don’t fully remember much after that but the photos as wonderful.

He stopped before he came, as is his prerogative, and bid me stand. He then played with his sweetgirl, holding me up when my legs buckled, two orgasms later he went back downstairs.

It took me a good 15 mins to get my head back on properly so I could go get ready for bed, remove the makeup, shave etc.

Before he went to sleep, I was allowed to pleasure him with my mouth again, as he played with his pussy. He decided I had been exceptionally good and rewarded me by cuming in my mouth.

I curled up at his side for a little while, one very, very happy girl, before I fell asleep.

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