After Dark – part 2

I arrived first at the studio, and was welcomed by the photographer. While I waited for the girls to arrive I looked through the table book of photos and had a welcome coffee as it was -4 outside!

I was asked to complete a form by the makeup artist. So she could make sure I wasn’t allergic to anything and there were some questions for the photographer too like….

What feature do you feel most comfortable with? I put “eyes” (but hubby likes breasts and bottom)

What feature would you like to conceal? I said “lumpy bits”

What’s the purpose of the shoot? I said “gift for husband”

I was offered a robe and slippers so I popped into the loo to get changed and sat in a very comfortable chair to begin the makeup transformation…

The lady was very skilled and followed excellent hygiene too (which is a pet peeve of mine). I asked if she could do red lip colour as I know MrH likes it (especially around his cock) and I decided to try false lashes for dramatic effect.

She did my hair into loose waves (photo bombed by cat 🤣)

As she was working the girls arrived and the fun truly began.

After I was made up G went to the chair (lol) for her makeover, and MC accompanied me to the studio to pick outfits.

The outfits selected the process began.

I stood against walls, flipped upside down, shoulder down, hip popped, look up, look down, left hand up, right hand down….

This sounds easy right??? Nope… I don’t know my left from right so every instruction was followed by giggles and laughter as my fingers wiggled to work out my left from right… I move with the grace of a three legged hippopotamus on dry land so while I’m sure the shots will look amazing it’s good that it wasn’t being filmed as I staggered in heals and slipped in stockings.

The final outfit I selected was a borrowed overbust corset in red and black. Simply because I don’t have one and I figured it would be different. G’s makeover had been completed by this time and it was a good job! Leaning against the wall MC and G tugged and pulled the corset tight … I suspect they knocked a good 4 to 5 inches off my waist with their efforts 😲

During my shoot MC straitened my knicker Lines, stocking tops, adjusted my boobs and helped me in to and out of various cuffs.

MC went to get made up and G’s shoot began. Outfits selected the posing began. This time I straightened, adjusted and snapped some sneaky shots with my camera for her. I popped out to check on MC a few times.

Again G chose to have her final outfit as a corset and she borrowed one of MC’s whips as an accessory. Thankfully MC was done when it was time to get G laced in! She was absolutely in love with the effect and I imagine she will be placing an order with MC for her own (if she hasn’t already!)

Now MC is a Domme and so her outfits were very different to ours. We still adjusted and straitened stocking tops for her. Her poses were fierce and powerful. I have no doubt her slave will adore them. One of her outfits was the jacket she made for his collaring ceremony and she looked regal.

For a giggle, and because we knew she would like it, G and I got into matching (cos they were both black) bra and panties and we went and knelt at either side of her in the submissive kneeling pose. She was very touched by this and I can’t wait to see the pictures as of course G and I were heads bowed…

The whole experience was amazing. I got some pictures in the “inspection” and “waiting” poses as I know these are some of MrH’s favourites. There are even a couple of topless shots as my boobs escaped the corset and I decided to take it off and complete the pose topless. G followed suit.

I’m glad the ladies were with me. We gave eachother courage and encouragement, and we all agreed it was a fantastic experience.

Now we just have to wait for the viewing which will take place in a few weeks time. This of course will be when we truly “face the music”.

The photos being taken is in some respects the easy bit. Once you get started you just get on with it, for the most part you don’t even see yourself in any mirrors. At the viewing there you are. They have a cinema room. So we will be immortalised on the big screen. For my part that’s my fear. That I’ll look awful. I’m going to face it though, MrH will of course be with me, for its his job to select the images he wants. He gets one free. If he wants more than one they are extra. Naturally that pesky voice in my head is already prodding me….”What if he doesn’t like any…..”

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  1. My ex wife had a shoot like this to provide a gift for my birthday. I would have liked her to be more daring but it was nice. I don’t think you need to fear him not liking any of the shots. Rather fear that he breaks the bank trying to buy three all! Lovely eye makeup—very dramatic!! I think this will be a most memorable event—and that you’ll both love them!

  2. You look beautiful! And those eyes! Holy moly! I’m sure the pictures are amazing and you guys get to pick more than one! There are obviously way too many exclamation marks in this comment…

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