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March 2018


MrH has been my Dominant for 9 months now and over the last few days I have been prompted to reflect on our journey by a few other blog posts. In short it’s been wonderful. Every area of our relationship has been touched by the D/s dynamic and made stronger,

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Home again – part 2

We rested for a while watching TV. With two and a half hours to go til our restaurant reservation, MrH decided to take some sexy photos. We had discussed this before we left and there had been a few images that we had decided to try and recreate. (ps if

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Home again.

We’re home from a wonderful stay in our favourite hotel, and as always when we pulled off the motorway there was that moment of “back to reality” sadness. We’ve been productive today though, washing the motorbikes, cleaning their chains and lubing them back up. They are both clean and sparking

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MrH sent me a brief email with instructions for today: Hello sweetgirl. 1. This weekend before play starts you will be inspected. You will ensure you are smooth shaven and clean. Your hair in a plait. 2. There will be some.photos taken (possibly videos) so make sure you pack accordingly(body

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And the winner is..

Today MrH and I went to view the images from the photoshoot, and wow, they were amazing! So, I hear you wondering, which one did MrH choose? And am I going to share? Well of course!! He picked this one (it’s been cropped because the original has my face on

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Captains Prize (part 14)

The last few days had passed uneventfully. Martha rested and ate. She spent a few hours sat on deck each morning and evening. The Captain sat with her asking her about her childhood, her work, where she lived and her family. They never mentioned her Da, but she told him

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Captains Prize (part 13)

A strange rumbling humming noise roused Martha a few hours later, and she slowly blinked awake. Curled up at her side a ginger cat nestled, purring happily. Slowly she reached out her hand towards the creatures head, lazily it opened one eye and it’s purring ceased. Martha stilled her hand.

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Weekend review (so far…)

If you are a regular reader of my ramblings you may remember I recently started a new job, and that on the first day of the job, my new boss contacted a friend who was looking for a bookkeeper and suggested I could help him too… On Friday this gentleman

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