Property of MrH

I’ve been playing with photo filters today… Because I’m a little bored and poorly.

And, because next week me and 2 friends are going to a photographic studio for a photo shoot. It’s a woucher deal.. £9 a person and we get hair and makeup done, photos in 3 different outfits in a variety of poses with props and backgrounds. We’ve chosen the ‘after dark’ theme so it can be as kinky as we like (they even have a swing) and we get one A4 print. Other prints cost extra.

So we’re excited and nervous, but it will be an awesome day!

Here’s my amateur pics with a couple of filters.



8 Replies to “Property of MrH”

  1. You are to be commended on your personal bravery in posting these lovely pictures. To comment further would suggest I looked at them more then once! Well done sweet, I’m sure Mr.H is very proud of his girl!

  2. It takes some serious guts to put up pictures like these props to you! 😀 I remember not too long ago you were talking about body confidence, so I’ll just leave this here: You are stunning! Don’t let anyone tell you any different 😘xx

  3. These are gorgeous and well done you for posting them. I am envious of your photo shoot as I have always wanted so professional pictures like that. Have fun and I can’t wait to hear about it 😊

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