New toy arrived

As those of you who follow me will know MrH likes rope bondage, and I enjoy being tied. I find it very sensual, erotic and relaxing.

His hands working the rope around my body, the comforting feeling as it wraps around me. I imagine each rope to be an extension of MrH as he binds me to him, secures my body in rope making me into a work of art.

He looks at images online of rope work for inspiration and he shows me images he’s interested in to guage my response and for me to say if I believe my back can do what would be required or if modification would be needed.

One thing we’ve seen is the use of a hook … It can be utilised anally or vaginally (if you have 2 – both), so last week we ordered one. Today it arrived.

Our son advised me yesterday that he’s planning to go out next weekend….. We’re going to have lots of fun while he’s out 😊😊😊

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