Cold & Flu warning

MrH and I have got a cold. It’s unusual that we’re both ill at the same time. Normally one of us gets it and passes it on. Not this time. So we’re talking cold and flu remedies and staying warm as best as we can.

Thanks to the UK’s restriction on the sale of paracetamol products you can only buy 16 tablets or in our case 2 days supply of cold meds. To get enough for 3 days I had to go into the shop twice 🤨 which I could have done without.

We have declared Castle H a quarantine zone and hope it passes quickly!

6 Replies to “Cold & Flu warning”

    1. It was a think the UK brought in a few years ago to stop people being able to overdose on paracetamol…. Of course… If you’re serious about it you’d just go to several shops …

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