Home again…

We’re home.

Yes, you read that correctly. Actually it’s 9:30 and we’ve been home half an hour.

I’ve posted a little about this in my post Not Recommended but here is our get away in more detail.

Before we left home we got changed. I put on my new suspender belt and stockings. A new skirt and the wrap bodysuit I wore for the munch that MrH had enjoyed so much. I then put on my knee high boots. I hoped this would please MrH and it did.

We arrived to check in, so far so good. I asked to add breakfast to our booking and to pay for it with the room. Simple enough right? The receptionist cancelled the transaction accidentally twice before we finally made payment. She gave us the room key and breakfast passes, then gave us incorrect directions to the room.

We were on the 2nd floor and the lift was broken. She didn’t tell us that.

On the way to our room I noticed a smell. The carpet in the hallways looks like it’s been there since the 70’s and although the place was clean it just smelt “old”.

We arrived at the room and went in. No issues. The room was clean and comfortable. The bathroom was clean. The bedding nice and fresh. The pillows were so thin we had 2 each and it barely felt like we had one.

We unpacked. I layed out the clothing. MrH set out his toys. There was a full length mirror on the back of the door.

MrH turned me to face the door and stood behind me. He removed my day chain and fastened the play collar round my neck.

“Who’s are you?” He asked.

“I am yours Sir.”

He undressed me until I was left in only the suspenders, stockings and bra. He made me look in the mirror.

“Do you know how much I love how your body looks?”

I’m not sure how I responded. But I desperately wanted to look away.

All I could see were lumpy thighs and hips.

MrH instructed me to touch my self. He liked this image in the mirror.

He then told me to turn around and undress him, which I did gladly.

I’m not going to go into graphic details this time… But there was much fun had so I will just focus the highlights.

I was allowed to pleasure Sir with my mouth. I took him in deeply, and it’s getting easier to do.

Then MrH said it was time he tasted me, and I was instructed to part my pussy for him and hold myself open for him.

After a while and an O he tied me using the underbed restraints, he used the clone of his cock, a vibrating butt plug, our favourite vibrator and the glass dildo at various points.

He told me,

“Now I own you. You are mine. I’m in both holes,” he used the clone in my pussy and his cock was in my mouth. “You are mine.”

After he added the butt plug he said, “you like that don’t you? My cock slut? I have every hole”

I wanted to say yes, but it’s hard to speak with a cock in your throat and I didn’t want to have him remove it but he did. He used my pussy to bring himself close to climax then MrH withdrew and painted me with his cum, over my breasts and chest while I watched him.

He did let me clean the last dribbles off his cock.

After the disappointing meal we returned to the room and MrH practiced some rope bondage. I got so relaxed I almost fell asleep stood up. Unfortunately after I alerted MrH to this deep state of relaxation he became hypervigilant and when I wobbled (I turned my head trying to see behind me) he thought I was about to fall backwards. He put his hands up and into my back… Unfortunately he hit me quite hard.


After the rope work, MrH treated me to an impact session. He used the flogger, the cane and his hand.

Bed time followed.

Unfortunately the poor pillows and the now sore back from MrH when he thought I was falling, meant I couldn’t get to sleep. It was 4am before I finally fell asleep.

So when we woke at 5 we were both tired…

We decided after breakfast to just head home.

This means that MrH didn’t take the photos he had planned.

On checking out I was asked to pay for breakfast…. (You may remember I paid for this when we arrived)….. So I had to dig in my bag for the receipt to prove we had.

As MrH said on the way home…

“It’s a good job the hotel isn’t the main source of our fun.”

The problem is…. It did spoil it…

Next month we’re going to go to our favourite hotel. That way much more fun can be had in a much better setting….

Of course, if youngest child started going out… More fun could be had at home 🤔

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