Migraines & Nightmares Suck!

Woke up today with a migraine.

Although it’s cleared up somewhat, my head still hurts. I can at least open my eyes.

Tomorrow MrH and I are going to a hotel overnight. I’m excited to go, we’ve not been alone for 8 weeks!! But… This excitement is spoiled a little because of last night.

I had another horrible nightmare where MrH chose to put me aside and play with/be with someone else. I woke up sobbing, distraught. Heartbroken.

I hate migraines … And I really really hate nightmares.

I hate that I’m feeling distant from MrH because my brain believes he’s pushed me aside for someone else.

I hate that a nightmare can have such power over me.

I hope I shake this soon.


6 Replies to “Migraines & Nightmares Suck!”

    1. It tries …. I guess mostly it comes from insecurity that I’m not good enough.. that he’ll want someone better… Hopefully I won’t have a repeat performance tonight and I’ll wake up having shaken off the feeling..

  1. I recently had a similar nightmare. It’s awful and deeply distressing, it takes me days to get over it. You know that MrH is devoted to you, so you’ll regain your equilibrium. Have you spoken with him about the nightmare?
    My sister and father had migraines. Avoiding cheese helped both of them, and my sister was on a beta blocker for a long time. I don’t know if you’ve tried either or if they would help. At least it’s easing up.
    Have fun on your playdate! 🙂

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