Showing Sir my love

This morning when I woke up, I snuggled under the covers to worship MrH’s cock.

My aim wasn’t to give a blow job, I know from experience that most often MrH doesn’t want to cum in a morning, usually because he needs to relive himself.

I began with gentle kisses, lightly licking, which I know he likes, then gently taking him into my mouth. I slowly moved caressing his shaft, swirling my tongue, and just maintaining a nice slow pace. He allowed me to worship him and please him for quite some time before he said that was enough.

I love pleasing Sir. The feel of his cock. So smooth.

He decided to reward my attention with an orgasm and so I started the day very nicely 😀

Our day progressed as normal. We went to work. MrH knows that I have been struggling to transition back into my submissive mental space after work, so today when I told him I was home he instructed me to remove my panties before I came to pick him up, but bring them with me. I was to place my panties in his hand when he got in the car.

I did as instructed, and it helped. When we arrived home I was grounded and MrH held me. He also stroked my hair, moving it to one side and he began to kiss my neck. Before long I was lost in his touch, my pussy swollen, throbbing, wet.

We went upstairs so we could change out of our work clothes.

When we entered the room, I did something different. I removed all my clothes (except my bra) before beginning to undress him.

Jumper first.

Then unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it open off his shoulders.

I picked up his T-shirt and helped him into it.

Then I knelt and unfastened his trousers. I slid them down to the floor and then… I pulled down his boxers. I started licking the tip of his cock. He was already semi erect from the kissing downstairs, and I looked up at his face into his eyes as I licked.

I opened my mouth and slowly, holding his hips, pulled him in. All the way. Past the resistance as he entered my throat.

I love the reaction when I do this. I know he likes it. He moans. He grabs my hair and thrusts into me.

He decided he would cum into my open mouth, he used his hand to bring his climax and I knelt looking into his eyes, my mouth open waiting for his gift. I accepted it gratefully and then cleaned his cock up as his climax ended.

I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it 😉 I know I did.

Needless to say … It’s been an awesome day so far.. and now I’ve written this remembering MrH’s touch and cum, I’m wet and throbbing again 😏

Maybe I’ll be lucky and MrH will decide to break out the vibrator later and round the day off perfectly!

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