Now then.

I’ve noticed since I started my part time job that I’m not transitioning back into my submissive mindset as easily as when I worked full time.  Some of this I think is because previously I arrived home after MrH, and I would arrive home and get a nice hug quite quickly, being reminded that I was his Sweetgirl.  MrH thinks that because we haven’t had any alone time in almost 8 weeks it’s affecting my level of submission.  I think that this is probably not helping, but we are away this weekend and I’m sure that when MrH has finished with me I will be feeling … Well… Very submissive 😊

Today we arrived home and although I did undress MrH, it didn’t put me into the mental space it usually does. I felt cheeky and naughty, I poked and prodded him, answered back, and rolled my eyes… MrH swotted my behind.

I giggled.

At 7, when I am to get ready for bed and run MrH his bath, I told him that I hadn’t got back into my submissive mental state very well, this was after I had kissed him, and I followed it up by cupping his groin playfully.  MrH got up and followed me out of the room. He swotted my behind again. This time I answered back saying … “Not helping”.  He continued to follow me upstairs swotting my behind, and I moved as quickly as I could laughing. When I managed to avoid his hand, I giggled and said “you missed me”.  I thought MrH was just planning to go into the bathroom.

I was wrong.

He followed me into the bedroom. Sat on the bed, and pulled me over his knee.

He pulled down my pyjama bottoms and knickers.

And, he spanked me.

I don’t know how many, maybe 10 times? But it wasn’t fun.

It was …. Exactly what I needed.

My bottom is still stinging.

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