What a great 1st day

I had a great first day. Did a bit of work, sent some emails, made some calls…

My new boss seems pretty impressed, he described me to one of his friends as “the best thing since sliced bread!” Hahaha

Anyway, I had a great day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

It would have been a fabulous day if I hadn’t ruined it…

After I left work I went to pick up the shopping, and I had to go inside the shop to get a couple of things that we had forgotten to add to the shopping…. And while I was in there I started to feel shakey, jittery, so I bought coconut macaroons….. and ate one.

I have no idea how many syns they are.

More importantly I didn’t ask permission.

I’ve confessed and MrH has issued a punishment. I’ve to write “I must ask if food is not on plan” 100 times on Saturday when he is at work.


4 Replies to “What a great 1st day”

  1. lines! what an excellent punishment. Thats 1 line for every calorie in the average macaroon. I’d have given you 1 minute corner time per calorie too 😀 haha!

    Glad to hear that your new job is going well!

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