Job update

Early this morning well more like 10am.. I got a message from my new boss saying if I wanted to I could start work tomorrow if I wanted….

I replied sure I could, not a problem. So I cancelled the shopping that was scheduled to be delivered.

Then I got another message….. “If you’re bored? You could do a few hours today?????”

I replied…. “What do you need doing?”

So I started today… Booking hotels and sourcing equipment… GC even helped me a one point.

I had so much fun.

Tomorrow I will be in the office 😁

I’m already feeling better….

5 Replies to “Job update”

  1. Aww what a little cutie pie! 😍 Our cat was doing the same when writing yesterday, but more like stepping over the laptop demanding love and attention (which he gets a lot of)! Lol😂 x

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