So last week I was 100% on plan, I didn’t go over my syn allowance and I’ve put half a pound on ☹️ Now I know rationally that there could be a few reasons for this but for the most part I’m disappointed.  I’d got myself set up to enjoy a gin cocktail treat tonight to celebrate loosing weight. Only I didn’t.

Now MrH has taken me to hand. He has told me that if the gin cocktail is within my syn allowance (it is at 5.5 syns) then I’ve to have it and celebrate staying on plan not the result. The weight loss will come from staying on plan.

He’s so amazing!

7 Replies to “Gutted!”

  1. If the plan is good, trust it and keep at it. You will lose weight. If you find you aren’t losing weight, you will have to adjust your plan. But the discipline to stay on the plan is worth celebrating. Cheers for you!

    1. It’s a good plan .. it’s the same one that got the 5 stone loss… I think that the antibiotics have slowed my digestive system a bit and I had rice for tea yesterday, and historically when I have had rice in the past its slowed my weight loss .. porridge oats can have the same effect. I know if I stay on plan I will see the loss … It’s the last few lbs that take the longest …. I’m 8.5 lbs above the weight I achieved in January 17, so I know I can do it..

  2. Mr H is right. There are so many things that can cause weight not to show as gone so try not to focus on it too much. If you stick to it then it will come off.

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