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February 2018

Captains Prize (part 12)

He watched her leave, the sway of her hips as she walked was hypnotic. A movement caught his attention as she disappeared from view, Smithy was headed in his direction. With an energy that belied his age Smithy sprang up the steps and sat in the chair that Martha had just vacated. “So,” he said grinning at the captain. “You took my advice.” The Captain scowled at him. “Now don’t go taking on,” he waved his hand in the Captains direction. “You and I both know you’re fascinated by her. She’s resilient and curious. And, she’s fair to look at

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Overcoming … Embarrassment

This post isn’t an easy one to write. But I’m going to do it anyway. Because I think I need to. Since we started in D/s we’ve explored so much and grown so much but in other areas I struggle. One of these is talking to MrH about intimate things. Talking about my body, what I fantasize about. When I do I hide my face, I feel shame and embarrassment. And I wish I didn’t. I can write it without issue. But I’d like to get to a point where I can look at him and tell him. Anyway…. MrH

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Captains Prize (part 11)

Martha watched the ship come alive, men scurried about, some carried buckets, some climbed up the rigging adjusting and tugging at ropes. Smithy was on the deck shouting orders to the men in the masts, instructing which sails were to be set. There was a lovely breeze and as the sails were adjusted they caught the breeze and the ship was carried along. There was an efficiency to everyone’s movements, no-one wasted energy. The men laughed and joked as they worked. Martha watched mesmerized. Sat as she was under the parasol, the breeze was wonderful, the sun was warm and

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Reflections on HisLordship’s post Dominance up close and personal – day 8

In his post today my Dominance up close and personal in 20 days – daysolicitous. 8 HisLordship discussed communication, and how he and Missy talk each Saturday morning. They make that effort and he notes how he has become more verbose in discussing his emotions and thoughts. This got me thinking….. When was the last time MrH and I “talked” about our D/s? In depth. Two way. And I’m struggling to remember a time when it wasn’t a question I’d raised, that was simply answered. In the beginning we talked about what was ok to do and what was not

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blow job

Showing Sir my love

This morning when I woke up, I snuggled under the covers to worship Mr H’s cock.  My aim wasn’t to give a blow job, I know from experience that most often Mr H doesn’t want to cum in a morning, usually because he needs to relieve himself. I began with gentle kisses, lightly licking, which I know he likes, then gently taking him into my mouth. I slowly moved caressing his shaft, swirling my tongue, and just maintaining a nice slow pace. He allowed me to worship him and please him for quite some time before he said that was enough.

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According to one of the blogger’s I follow (Furcissy), there used to be a set word used to describe the amazing feeling you get during intense play. For me I like to say subspace, because I feel I float away, I’m weightless, away from myself, feeling everything but so entirely well… amazing. This is different to me than what I describe as my submissive mindset/mental state, which is simply feeling submissive/willing to submit. Missing Subspace. It’s been a while since we had any play that really pushed me for a significant amount of time into this subspace. I’ve had moments,

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