Give me strength – please??

So far every time I’ve had a water infection, I’ve also had some wierd physical symptoms… My heart pounds, and I have dizzy spells.  But, is it the infection or anxiety because these are the same symptoms I get when I have anxiety attacks. To be fair anxiety attacks are not something I suffer from frequently. In fact it’s been several years since I had one.. but that dizzy feeling, the ringing in my ears, the heart pounding…. I really do not need this today.

In two and a half hours I have to go and present my best self.. I have to dazzle and charm… To convince a man I’ve never met that I am the person he wants to manage his business administration and accounts… I also have to pursuade him that he needs to pay me enough to mean we cover our expenses and have a little left over.. All while trying to ignore the nagging, niggling discomfort in my abdomen, the pounding of my heart and the ringing in my ears. Oh and ideally I’d like to not pass out on standing up to leave the interview – cos you know, that’s not the impression I want to leave?!?

So if you’re reading this and have a moment to spare – send me some good thoughts will you?? To help me get through it ….


Interview cancelled as the owner has been called out of the office for an emergency. I guess that works 😂

Hopefully by the time it’s rescheduled I’ll be feeling better!

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4 Replies to “Give me strength – please??”

  1. You can do it! 💪 Have you tried the Calm app at all? my boyfriend found it a few months ago when I was having a bad bout of anxiety. It’s got music, meditations and calming background effects on it that I found really helped with nerves.
    Maybe it might help? Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. Thank you Violet, It’s not nerves exactly thats making me feel this way.. it’s the infection… Only feeling crappy is making me anxious lol…

      The interview has been postponed so hopefully I’ll be feeling better by the time the interview takes place.

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