Sweet sweet Saturday..

On a weekend MrH and I do not use an alarm to get up.. we sleep until we’re not.. usually about 8am. Although my boy cat Captain J generally wakes me up at about 6am to refill his food bowl ☹️


This morning was no exception. But I fell straight back to sleep and didn’t wake up until about 20 past 8 when MrH said it was time we got out of bed. My slimming world (SW) group starts at 9am so by the time we actually got up it was time to go.

I’m out of target at the moment [having achieved a total loss of 5 Stone on 28th January 2017] I’ve slowly put weight on over the last year, until before Christmas I went into the 12 stone bracket and I realized I needed to kick myself up the proverbial before I was back where I started! So last week I put 1lb on and decided to ask MrH to help me stay within my syn allowance. If I want to use them I have to ask.. well it’s worked and this week I lost 2½ lbs! Whoop 😊 8 lbs to go until I’m back at my target weight.

I arrived home, and told MrH the result. He congratulated me and I thanked him for his help and asked if he would consider continuing to do so. He’s agreed to this and I appreciate it. I’m aware it’s asking him to take on an extra responsibly, realistically he made me a rule that I had to follow the plan, and it’s my lack of self discipline that’s making me eat too many syns at the beginning of the week… This means I’ve none left towards the end and invariably go over. But I think he would rather this than punish me – I could be wrong (it’s been known to happen – quite frequently as it happens when it comes to MrH and D/s). He has pointed out a couple of infractions today (eye rolling x 1 & answering back x 1) and mentioned earlier in the week that he was sure he could make it so I didn’t enjoy being caned 😳 (gulp).

As it was breakfast time when I got home I asked MrH if he would cook me a full breakfast. He’s the most amazing cook, and because we had slept so soundly last night my back was quite stiff. He cooked me bacon, mushrooms and some chopped tomatoes (all free foods on SW, and I dry fried a duck egg. I asked to use 4½ syns for a slice of toast. It was delicious!!!!

After breakfast I did the ironing.

We walked to the nearby Asda later on (my exercise) and MrH is just now cooking duck breasts for tea, which we are having with some Hoisin sauce, wedges, broccoli and asparagus.

I know in some cases, people may read this and think – well that’s a boring day… But… Here’s the thing, 2 years ago I couldn’t walk to the end of the street without crying from pain.. for me walking to the supermarket that’s over a mile away is an achievement. And I hope that this is an inspiration to others…

Basically, I’ve done all my chores today, I’ve no washing left to do and I’m looking forward to an evening of snuggles with MrH and tomorrow we can do whatever we please.

Of course, I’m also hoping for some play time …. Because, well why wouldn’t I?? 😉

6 Replies to “Sweet sweet Saturday..”

  1. Like you I am hoping for playtime!! I think that’s what submissives do!! lol.
    Congratulations on being so much better physically now than you were! Celebrate it and keep up whatever you are doing. Avoiding syns is likely a good step!

    1. You get 15 syns a day allowance (105 for each week) the challenge is staying within it… Especially when I get bored or down… Then I just want to nibble chocolate cake or biscuits… ☹️

  2. Hooray for the longer walk and hitting your goal. I hope you get some play time later!

    I’m still finding my groove with my recent diet change of no meats but I slip now and then because I end up eating more carbs than anything.

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