Job interview – update

Yesterday in my post I mentioned I had a job interview today, and a few of you kindly offered wishes of good luck and asked to be kept informed… So here is the interview update for you.

The interview went well I think (lasted 2 hours) and the woman I would be working directly for was lovely. Very professional, well presented and has a definite vision for the company accounts department.

It’s a growing business, much bigger than the one that I have just left so there would be security going forward.

I will find out next week if I have been successful, and when I know I will share with you all.

Thank you for reading my blog posts, and for the kind thoughts you sent my way. Tomorrow afternoon I am planning to write the next installment of Captains Prize, for those of you enjoying it, watch this space!

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      1. Wow. I e done some hiring and we aim for 30-40 minutes usually. I’ve also had a ton of interviews over the years and can only think of a couple that almost went an hour. You must have very good people skills.

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