MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences a a Dominant in the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by following this link: New Dom’s Tale I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I shared MrH’s words with my husband, and it really helped him with some of his fears that were similar to Mr.H’s …. It also made him decide to invest in some bondage rope 😉
    Thanks for letting him share his thoughts

  2. I didn’t let him Bluebird lol he decided to himself.. I just encouraged him.. I’m glad your husband found it helpful. There aren’t many Dom’s out there blogging but – HisLordship on The safeword club’ has a blog and he may also find them useful.

    We have a profile on Fetlife if you’re on there, and MrH has posted some pictures of his rope work. He uses YouTube for tutorials.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy the rope work ❤️

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