A bad pain day

So usually my pain is between a 6-7 on the pain scale … The pain medication brings it down to a 4-5.

Today …. Ah, today…. It’s built slowly back up… And by 11am I would rate it a 8-9.

If I stand up it’s definitely up there at the 9… And yes I rate it worse than childbirth.  There is a diagram at the bottom of this post with more details on the pain scale I am referring to.

So despite taking all the available pain relief I’ve had to return to my default comfortable position – in bed.

For those of you with a ‘bad back’ you may be shaking your head and saying “noooo you shouldn’t lie down .. keep moving..” but..

My pain is in my facet joints. I’ve arthritis in my lumber spine and all the joints are inflamed. The discs have started to degenerate (happens to everyone as you get older) but combined with the arthritis it is causing chronic pain.. basically as the discs are getting thinner, the bones grind together which makes them even more inflamed… the more I move the more they grind… it’s a vicious circle. I’ve been told that I will not be pain free for the rest of my life and that my only choice now is to find ways to manage the pain.

Being laid down allows my spine to relax, decompress, stops the joints rubbing together and so provides pain relief. So when it’s so bad that sitting feels like someone is poking you repeatedly on a bruise… And standing feels like a knife being twisted in that same spot…. I’m sorry but I’m going to find a comfortable position…. And I’m sure you would too!

It’s possible that driving our son to university has aggravated it. It’s also possible that the dancing I’ve been doing as exercise has caused this. Truth is we don’t know.

Unfortunately this means that MrH is likely to be extra worried about me. He has told me not to exercise today. I feel bad about that. I have these rules to follow. And I feel disappointed I can’t do it. It also may mean MrH won’t allow any play. Which I really don’t want to happen.

I love our new dynamic.

I love the way I feel, calm and steady.

I love how play makes me relaxed and takes away my everyday pain, helps me sleep.

I love how I get snuggles and more affection than I used to.

So right now I’m hoping and praying that this is a short lived blip that goes away quickly… I really don’t want another 4 months of excruciating, uncontrollable pain…. I got sick of the view out of the bedroom window 2 years ago… I don’t want to be back there again.

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  1. Have you tried inversion at all? Sometimes a gentle incline will allow the vertebrae to decompress even more and 15 minutes of inversion may buy you several hours of pain reduction. Just a thought.

      1. Ah. Here you can get them for about $100. You might be able to rig something up with some ankle cuffs and a board as well. If the angle is too steep it can strain or overstretch other muscles.

        If you have access to a gym with an incline sit-up bench you can probably get an idea if that will help you at all and whether or not it could justify the monetary investment over time. If it manages to decrease your pain down to 3-4 for a couple of hours a day it would probably be worthwhile in the long run.

  2. Yeah… There’s other reasons why the drs don’t recommend it for me… To do with my heart and BP .. and that I would need monitoring in that position, so I wouldn’t want to try it without that stuff 😏

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