All shopped out …

Today I had to go and get clothes suitable for the office I now work in…

Two and a half hours I have walked around Marks & Spencer’s… Their Christmas Sale is still on so all their clothes were jumbled up, I had to walk round the whole store and look on every rack.

My feet hurt.

My back hurts.

And I’m exhausted.

I still have to exercise today but I have prepared tea. Hopefully that counts for something.

5 Replies to “All shopped out …”

  1. I did get some but I’m sick of them already because of the effort involved… I couldn’t even make a decision and sent MrH pictures and asked him to help…. And the no panty day was fine lol

  2. Pretty sure if you shop til you drop it counts as a workout 😃
    I don’t know what your personal style/budget is, but I like doing things like Stich Fix and ThreadUp. I don’t have to leave my house and I get to try everything on.

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