New Year – New Rules

Late last night MrH sent me an email. In it he gave me some new rules to follow.

So far in our D/s MrH hasn’t given me many rules to follow. In fact the only one I can think of is the no going downstairs at night without waking him up and asking permission.. so I was thrilled that MrH had decided to exercise more control on me.









I read this email and tears pricked my eyes. It made me feel loved which I’m sure some will find strange and others will completely understand. That MrH wants to control aspects of my behaviour that I think concern him (I have a tendency to impluse buy). That he wants me to be healthier and expects me to take practical steps to achieve it (I accept I can be lazy when it comes to exercise and following my eating plan).

I think that the success of the night time eating rule has encouraged MrH to increase his expectations of me and I am grateful for his guidance and his new rules.

I know he is setting most of them for my benefit, and some for his pleasure which also shows me he is enjoying his role as my Sir.


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