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January 2018


Black Hole

What depression means to me. I posted yesterday that I’m not doing so well. I think that may be an understatement, but rather than prattle on about that, I thought instead I’d share instead what depression means to me because I believe that everyone experiences it differently. I believe depression

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Captains Prize (part 10)

Martha stretched out, she felt so comfortable so relaxed. Between the bed and the gentle sway of the ship she couldn’t remember ever feeling so, so, she struggled to name it.. happy? she thought. She allowed her mind to drift back to yesterday evening. The Captain so kind, so gentle.

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MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences a a Dominant in the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by

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Tie me up and use me – please!

I’ve had a few rough days, my back pain has been worse than usual and Sir decided that I could pleasure his cock as a treat to relax me. Mr H relaxed my rules a little and insisted that I rest and that on the first day I wasn’t to

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Captains Prize (part 9)

Martha layed back nervously. Was this it? Was he about to violate her and call it ‘a reward’?! She felt sick, anxiety twisted her stomach. She clenched her fists prepared to fight. He hadn’t restrained her. That was his mistake she thought. The Captain watched her face. He could see

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Captains Prize (part 8)

Martha wasn’t sure how long she stayed watching the family of dolphins, but the light had changed and her knees were feeling sore. But, even the discomfort couldn’t drag her away from the window and the antics of the dolphins. So, when there was a light knock at the door

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Our first munch

On Tuesday we went to our first Munch that is held at a local BDSM / swingers club The Townhouse. It takes us 50 minutes to drive there and we were both nervous, uncertain what to expect. Arriving at the munch. We arrived and met with some friends who took

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The Cane

I asked Mr H if he would try his cane out on Friday night, and he kindly said he would think about it. There was a time when I would have tried to persuade Mr H to give me a definite answer, but I have learned that while I can

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Captains Prize (part 7)

When Martha woke again it was still light, so she hasn’t slept long. He was not on the bed with her and she rolled onto her back staring at the ceiling. The wood was old, dark and warm. Slowly she sat up. Her wrists were still unbound, and her eyes

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Captains Prize (part 6)

He lay comfortably while she slept. Her warm body was curled at his side, her breathing soft and gentle. He wondered what her life had been like in England. He’d wager it hadn’t been easy. Her hands were used to work, he could see the callouses and her knuckles were

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