Captains Prize

The girl was tied to the ring that he usually used to secure the bed hangings during the day. He knew the men thought it strange but he knew that he slept better in the dark and in the Carribbean it never seems to be dark long enough. He missed the dark nights of the northern climate where he grew up, but he knew he belonged at sea. He’d removed the curtains before he’d had her brought up. He didn’t want to give her anything to hide behind.

He body trembled but her eyes flashed defiantly at him. She’d caught his attention the minute they had boarded the ship. Fists clenched as she had pushed the children behind her. It had taken the ships captain mere seconds to agree to them taking half of the ships food supplies and the girl- although he had little choice, had he refused the offer he would have killed anyone on board and all the supplies.

At least that’s what Captain H had told him… He was quite proud of his ability to pirate with minimal loss of life. His crew preferred it too.

The girl, she thought him a savage of course. He moved into the room and closed the door, bolting it behind him. She jumped at the sound. There appeared to be a bruise on her cheek. He would deal with whoever had marked her later. He expected his crew to follow orders and his instructions had been quite simple. Noone was to touch her. She was his.

He crossed the room to the table and uncorked the brandy bottle. He poured some into each of the two glasses in front of him. Picking them up he walked slowly towards her.

“I’m Captain H, what is your name?” He asked sitting on the top of the chest that was close but not too close to the girl.

Her jaw clenched and he saw her eyes narrow. She planned to be silent.

“You could remain silent,” he nodded, taking a sip of the drink, “but a name isn’t going to kill you and it will make conversation much easier. Furthermore if you don’t give me your name I will simply give you a new one.”

His eyes searched her face as he spoke looking for any hint of compliance. Perhaps a little bribe he thought.

“If you give me your name I will allow you to have a drink,” he raised the drink in his hand, “you must be thirsty.”

“Martha,” she said.

He moved closer to her and put the glass to her lips. Tipping it gently he allowed her to take a few small sips. She drank warily her eyes never leaving his face.

“Not too much,” he cautioned, “your stomach will be tender.” He had seen thirsty men drink too fast and vomit. It didn’t help and he didn’t want to have to clean up. He couldn’t offer her water, on board ship there was nothing drinkable, and he didn’t know how used to such a strong drink she would be.

“I think we should establish some simple rules Martha,” he settled back into the chest as he spoke. “I have given orders noone is to harm you.” Her eyes lifted to his again, this time accusation in them. “Who ever did that,” he motioned at her face, “will be punished.” At this she laughed.

“You don’t believe me? You will watch.” He said. Her laughter was derisive and she shook her head.

“You’ll not, for he isn’t here. My da did that for spilling some of his ale afore you boarded us.” She seemed to regret her outburst and she shut her mouth tightly.

“Your father was the captain of that ship?” He frowned, he hadn’t seen any men other than sailors on board.

“No,” her face twisted, it seemed having already spoken she was compelled to continue, “he went and hid like a coward leaving me with the other children and slaves to be taken or killed, said it would make his life easier when he got to the Americas if I were gone. Me ma died of cholera a few days back.” Tears brimmed in her eyes but she refused to let them fall.

He admired her strength. His eyes once again travelled over her body. The swell of her breasts above the corset. He imagined cutting the ribbons and freeing them, taking the nipples in his mouth. His sex swelled and strained against his breachers. He could take her of course. Take her anger, force her to submit to him but he wanted her compliance.. he wanted her moans not her screams … Well at least at first he thought. There would be time enough to educate her in how to please him…

Yes, he wanted her to surrender, willingly.

He reached over and untied the rope from the wall. “Come,” he tugged lightly on the rope which bound her hands. He had chosen to tie them about 3 feet apart so she was comfortable. “I will take you to relieve yourself.”

Her face flushed scarlet at his words. The water closet was, well a covered hole over the side of the ship. He unfastened the lid and revealed the seat. She balked. Shaking her head. He motioned for her to proceed.

“Please Sir,” she wispered, “not in front of you.”

“I’m not leaving Martha,” he motioned for her to proceed. “Your body is now mine. I will know everything about it soon enough. Every inch of your skin, every secret place. And Martha, you will like it, I promise you that. So prudish behaviour is pointless.” Her eyes had widened as he spoke, her face paled. “When I speak you will answer me. And you will be polite. The men won’t harm you but if you displease me you will be spanked.” She had lowered her eyes, clearly her need overriding her shame, as she pulled up her skirts and trying to expose as little of herself she pulled down her drawers and sat over the hole. He could see her relief as she peed. As well as the flush of shame that spread across her chest.

When she had finished she pulled up her drawers and tried to smooth out her skirts. He smiled at her attempts to cover her body. Soon she would be naked.

“I will take care of you Martha,” he said, “in return you will behave as I ask and follow my instructions. There is some bread on the table and some stew. Eat.”

She moved to the table and ate slowly. There was only a spoon for her to use. When she had eaten he instructed her to lie on the bed. The anger flashed in her eyes again as she clenched her fists and climbed onto the bed.

He secured her rope to the ring again. She had enough rope to move around the bed a little, even to stand at the side of the bed but not far. There was nothing else she could reach he had made sure of that.

“Sleep,” he said and he walked to the door. “I will be back in a few hours.”

He undid the bolt, opened the door and went through. The door closed behind him and she heard a key turn the lock. The girls eyes closed, tears of shame, humiliation and relief flowed down her cheeks.

Why had she given him her name? Why did she find him so handsome? Why did she think she saw kindness in his eyes? Didn’t she know what would happen to her now? He would take her, force his manhood into her ….. her privates felt warm and wet.. shame flooded through her. Maybe her da had been right- and she was a wanton harlot after all.

Exhausted, Martha fell asleep.

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