Keeping Busy

MrH is back at work today and I am still looking for a new job so I’m not (although if I hadn’t been made redundant I wouldn’t have been working this week as the company office shuts down).

I hate it when he’s at work and I’m not. I get anxious and stressed.

To help me manage this today MrH set me a series of tasks to complete.

He leaves work in 6 minutes and I’ve done them all. It helped too. Knowing I had things to do .. not just things but things he has asked me to do. Things that he expects me to do.

It’s helped keep my mind calm and also pushed my mental submissive self.

MrH’s replacement gift arrived today too as well as his cane.

He’s also confirmed that we will be going to the munch in January too. I’m excited to be going as the venue is a club with private play rooms. The plan is to go, meet people and look around with a view to playing in a private room together next time we go. It will at least be a location where we don’t have to worry about noise!

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    1. That’s brave! There are 5 private play rooms at this club and some doors have curtains that can be left open if you are happy for people to look in. They have a rule where you don’t open a closed door too so once you’re in a room you know you are not going to be interupted…. There isn’t any play at the munch but you can pay entry to the upper levels and look around… Which is our plan 😁

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