A gift for Sir

We don’t normally exchange gifts. It’s something we just never got into. We always spent our money on our children at Christmas.

This year I wanted to show Sir how much he means to me.

How much I appreciate that he didn’t call me a dirty deviant for asking him to consider putting a Dom/sub dynamic into our relationship.

How he took my request and investigated what that would mean.

How he has looked after me, guided me, tempered my impatience and used his dominance to take me to new heights of extacy.

How he has embraced his dominant to demand my submission.

How he takes my fantasies and brings them to life.

How he pushes me to explore my own sexuality, to be proud of my body and to display it with confidence.

Most of all how he shows me every second of every day that I am his and that he loves me completely.

I wanted to show him how I trust him to take me and use me as he pleases.

How I don’t want to live without him by my side ..

So I’ve bought MrH gifts … They are under the tree. Honestly … It’s just our Christmas tree is only 4″ high.

Some gifts were double edged as I benefit from them.. the new flogger, glass dildo, and an as yet undisclosed gift as it hasn’t arrived.

The gifts under the tree are things I think he will enjoy a great deal and show him how I care, show him that I listen to his needs too.

I can’t wait to see what he thinks tomorrow morning 😀

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