Today’s the day

It’s only a few more hours until we leave … I think I’m ready … I have to be because I have had no opportunity to practice this morning – the kids are up as we were expecting a company coming to survey the house for damp (thrilling you say? Haha).

We just have to pack, have lunch and leave

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          1. We always talk of people we like physically. We will point out people to each other. Appreciation is one thing. Cheating is an entirely different matter. And that wouldn’t happen regardless of the appreciation involved.

            1. That’s a good philosophy.. MrH and I have a no share policy .. I admit I had a couple of moments of panic early on in our journey when I worried that he would want to play with others (it’s always been like a standing joke that I’d do anything for him except a threesome before we started as D/s) and I panicked that by submitting I would find he decided we would have threesome and I would have no choice… (It would break me if he wanted someone else) but after we talked and I said what I was afraid of he said he didn’t want to play with anyone else and he wouldn’t let anyone play with me (he’d hurt anyone who touched without asking permission and permission wouldn’t be granted)
              It also reassured me that if we get into the club scenes and someone was to suggest MrH had given permission I’d know they were lying.

    1. Thank you Sir 🤭 I went bright red when he explained CM …

      It went better than it did in practice and I didn’t fall over. I used a song from the movie Burlesque… ‘I am a good girl’ and wore a black skirt with a cream button front blouse. Underneath I had a black and red set of matching bra, panties and suspenders with black stockings.

      I only actually removed the blouse and skirt during the dance but I think it was effective.


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