I am a good girl…

We checked in early and are just about to go for our evening meal..

It’s been a brilliant afternoon.. I got to take some pictures of MrH in his suit..

And he took some of me in various outfits and poses (we lost the last ones when the drive corrupted 😠).

I did my little striptease and it went better than I expected.. I didn’t wobble or fall and I made the transitions look seamless (I think). MrH had a huge grin so I think he enjoyed it too!

We’re on the bed resting now, and it occurs to me how very lucky I am to belong to such a generous man. He takes the fantasies I write and brings them into existence in his own way, taking the ideas and making them his own.. yes I am a very lucky girl.

Well bye for now…. 😁

2 Replies to “I am a good girl…”

    1. Well that’s very restrained of you – to NOT say I told you so?!? LOL
      Food was lovely… And my ice-cream was nice…
      Back in the room recovering from a food coma …
      Play will resume when MrH’s belly doesn’t feel too full 🤣

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