(this was half begun yesterday but I didn’t post incase it was gibberish)

I’m done …

I’ve shared everything I think they may need to know ….. I’ve done everything that’s been asked of me (and more).

Two of the 3 directors didn’t even contact me to say goodbye and wish me well. I’m disgusted at the unprofessionalism and rudeness.

As of this moment I wouldn’t help them in the future – they don’t deserve it.

So with any luck karma will sort them from here.


I went out for a drink after work with my colleague. I had 3 double gin and tonics… Which meant I was tipsy (very tipsy)

I have had an interview arranged for tomorrow – it’s one that sounds great so fingers crossed.

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  1. Best of luck tomorrow!! It’s shameful that after you told them how to save money (and that they needed to let you go) that no one acknowledged your last day. The bosses should have done that. Hopefully you will be gainfully employed again after tomorrow’s interview and you will find the new company a welcome breath of fresh air!

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