Killing Time.

It’s 18 minutes past 8 and I am a 4 minute drive away from the office.

I don’t want to go.

Normally I love going to work. This last 2 weeks have been soul destroying.

Yesterday I printed my own P45 (something you get in the UK when you leave an employer) and finalised the December payroll.

They have taken £80 off the lads and reduced their take home pay by £54 BUT the two directors who earn £14000 more a year than the lads haven’t reduced their pay at all… Not even by the same amount. I am sickened. I hate the sheer greed … I hate the unfairness… Most of all I hate lies. One of the directors has said that as well as taking the £80 off the lads he and the other director are also taking a paycut… 😠

I’m trying to teach the lady who will be keeping the bookkeeping up to date how to do it.

She thinks I’m being “unhelpful”

I’m trying to be “hands off” so she comes across things she is unsure of and asks me questions.. I’m answering these questions honestly and again she thinks I’m being deliberately unhelpful… She asked me “how do you know if they need a purchase order?” I replied “I guess. If it’s a big company they are likely to need one and I look at previous invoices to see if there was a purchase order on it.” I think she believes I am trying to make it hard for her but in reality that’s the truth.. experience and guess work.

Its why there’s about £30k in pending invoices that need purchase orders and I have no idea how to get one…. I worked on them as often as I could within my other jobs.

So I’m drinking my skinny latte (3.5 syns – still on plan – I’m determined to drop the few lbs I’ve put on from my comfort eating) and killing time so I am not sat outside a building that I feel is sucking the life out of me. The very thought of heading there fills me with dread. My stomach turns and I feel sick. I am close to tears at the thought of having to defend my position over and over again. To try and teach so she is confident enough without doing it for her …..

It’s going to be another tough day…

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  1. Chin up my sweetgirl. We have spoken privately about this. You can only answer the questions put to you honestly. They need to ask the questions they need answering and need to understand that you may not have the answer, so they will need to find the answer. ((((HUG))))

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