5 more sleeps

MrH and I have a hotel break on the 23rd December…. It’s just a budget hotel, part of a big chain and the rooms are comfortable and clean and we got a bargain – bed and breakfast for £39…

MrH said last night he will have to start making a plan…

He went on to say that he would do that today at work because if he tried lied next to my naked body it would become uncomfortable as he got hard..

My head began to spin…

I’m slowly learning to trust that MrH is committed to leading this dynamic… I used to think he was doing this to appease me… Knowing he is aroused by planning a scene gives me a sense of relief. He is getting something out of this.

I shyly suggested that should he find himself uncomfortably aroused he should perhaps consider using my body for his relief and pleasure – without worrying if I am satisfied.. my body is his after all.

My brain spent the next few hours coming up with many many sexual fantasies that kept me highly aroused and awake!!!!

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