Sunday Musings

Another week is over.

I’m snuggled on the sofa with MrH while he watches football, and I feel safe and loved.

About an hour ago I put my corset on.. it does seem to help my posture and in turn my back, I can’t wait to have my proper one.

It also makes me feel more submissive… Brings my head space down a notch and quiets my mind.

This morning I mentioned to MrH that I had wondered if he had ever considered having me wear the but plug during the day on weekends or after work. He replied that he had thought many things over the last 5 months most of which he dismissed as being impractical because of our grown up chiksren, and the questions that may come up.

Immediately my mind went into overdrive… What kind of things I asked…. He just smiled… He knows of course that these things drive me nuts…. Not knowing ….

Anyway about an hour ago I asked him again.. and this time he elaborated…having me walk around naked, having me sit on the floor, me wearing various restraints and/or toys…

He could probably see the spark of desire that began to grow because he followed with, and I have dismissed each as being impractical, I am not going to have that conversation with the boys and as I make the decisions, it doesn’t matter what you want or think.

My poor little pussy was very disappointed I can tell you…. The idea of coming home from work and being dressed in the but plug and hand and wrist cuffs… Being told to sit on the floor and MrH feet …. Well yes that was definitely something that got a reaction 😁

On another note, the suede thonging arrived and MrH has made me a lovely soft sleep collar, using the braiding technique that is on the paracord one. This one fastens with a bow at the back and it’s super comfortable 😊

8 Replies to “Sunday Musings”

  1. Oh it drives me crazy when HD does that to me! He’ll hint at something but not elaborate, and when I ask questions he smirks. He finds it amusing.

    I’m sure there are things MrH can have you do that won’t raise suspicions with your kids. You could wear a plug under your clothes for instance.

    One of the rules HD said he was going to impose when I moved in was no clothing inside the house. He hasn’t yet due to external factors, but know how submissive it makes me feel the few times he’s been clothed while I’ve been naked. The best was when I was nude, lying on a blanket at his feet, while he watched Hulu.

    The new collar sounds lovely!

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