For CollaredMichael

Thank you so much for your nomination… I have been nominated for a Liebester Award before and while I haven’t accepted any (in that I do not nominate others) I do feel honoured that I’ve been considered worthy by you.


1. How public are you with your blogging? Do you keep it a secret or do your family and friends know all about it?

Only MrH knows.

2. What is your dream job?

Kitten cuddler

3. What physical part of your significant other is your favourite?

I love his shoulders. They are strong and make me feel safe.

4. What human characteristic is the most important?


5. What prompted you to start blogging?

Reading other blogs.

6. Have you any piercings? If not, would you like to have some?

I have had my nostril and navel pierced. MrH wasn’t a fan.

7. What hobby do you have that embarrasses you?


8. What part of the world do you most want to visit before you die?

I have no particular ambition to travel. It’s not overly important to me. As long as I am not too far away from MrH I am happy.

9. Do you have any tattoos? What might prompt you to get one?

I have 3 … Although technically I’ve had 4. I started with a single rose on my shoulder blade, then got a black cat on my thigh. I have the infinity sign on my bicep. I had the single rose covered earlier this year..

10. Do you have sexual fantasies or dreams? Can you share one?

Of course I do… And no 😉

11.What is the sexiest piece of clothing/outfit you own? Have you ever worn it out in public?

The things I feel as sexiest in is my various matching bra and pant sets … And yes I wear them every day … lol

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