11 Random Facts

1. I can’t roll my tongue.

2. I ride a motorbike. I love it. The feeling when I am riding is pure joy and freedom.

3. I think my cats understand me.

4. I’m probably a bit crazy.

5. I had my eyebrows tattooed so they had more shape.

6. I feel faint at the sight of blood but I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger.

7. I had a bridge fitted to hide a gap in my teeth caused by the fact that I have 2 teeth missing. Before that I wouldn’t smile because I felt too self conscious.

8. I don’t wear makeup because I secretly think I’m pretty enough without it but I tell people it’s because I can’t be bothered so I don’t seem cocky.

9. I get embarrassed taking about my sexual fantasies with MrH. I go bright red which he thinks is adorable.

10. I’d love to wear medieval clothing everyday I think it is feminine and beautiful.

11. I had a hysterectomy and it was the best thing I did – after that I lost 5 stone and I got the confidence to ask MrH to try D/s.

7 Replies to “11 Random Facts”

  1. “I’d love to wear medieval clothing everyday I think it is feminine and beautiful.”
    – <3 this!
    – Do you think you could ever wear something everyday that would come close to medieval clothing?

    1. There have been times when I have worn tops and skirts that have a medieval style to them but I’m not sure what I could wear daily that would work. ❤️

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